Tuesday, February 12, 2008

learning symfony

follow the tutorial, build imagegallery db, and modify config/database.yml and propel.ini.

when run the last step symfony propel-generate-crud backend images Image

got error Unable to scafford unexistant model 'Image'

look like i didn't setup the Image model. so i leave this tutorial alone and go back to do the symfony site official tutorail on http://www.symfony-project.org/tutorial/1_0/my-first-project


My first symfony project

first problem when create the model, need enable extension=php_xsl.dll of PHP

still have the same error, but doesn't matter. seems the model is still created and


work fine.

when u add validation onto the comment form, the instruction is

Now to finish, open again the modules/comment/templates/editSuccess.php template and insert at the top:

actually, it means insert to the top of the table, right after <tbody>

on the change the URL aspect part, there's a little problem of modifying the template, tutorial is not totally correct, you'd better have a look the final result image and finger out how to modify the template. the part modify the table cells.

this example is completed finally, but it is far from master it.

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