Wednesday, February 13, 2008

symfony askeet tutorial

this is the first day on the tutorial.

in the tutorial, day4 takes sometime to learn, a lot of reference to read.

day5's last piece is not correct. need rename the downloaded _question_list.php to _list.php, also you'd better copy the content from previous listSuccess.php and get rid of the <h1></h1> part to the _list.php

actually, just create the _list.php, then copy the content from listSuccess.php, delete the line of <h1></h1>

then change the listSuccess.php content to
<h1>popular questions</h1>

<?php echo include_partial('list', array('question_pager' => $question_pager)) ?>


when add the secureity.yml
is_secure: on
credentials: subscriber

make sure you read the notes, and change on to off

function handleErrorLogin()
return sfView::SUCCESS;

don't forget to add this method to user actions.classe.php to handle the error.

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