Saturday, July 01, 2017

SSH to your Raspberry Pi via Bluetooth

If you like me, just want to be able to setup the Raspberry Pi's WiFi without connecting to any monitor, keyboard etc in a new environment. This tutorial is for you.

All credits go to  Patrick Hundal

Reference: Headless Raspberry Pi configuration over Bluetooth
Reference backup: Headless Raspberry Pi configuration over Bluetooth

All you need to do, is download PiBakery then make your recipe (image below is the recipe), write to your SD card, power on your Raspberry Pi, wait for a while, pair the Raspberry Pi in nearby bluetooth device list, then run command "$ screen /dev/cu.raspberrypi-SerialPort 115200"

Tips: apt-get update and apt-get upgrade will fail in bluetooth ssh.

(the wget command in the recipe is: wget "" -O /home/pi/ )

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